On October 5th at 6pm as we welcome Jason Mundok, all the way from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to present a developer technique along with some expertise in Project Management, all in one session. Come on out as this is surely one you want to attend.

Jason Mundok has been a FileMaker developer and project manager since 2000, creating custom applications for a wide variety of industries that improve workflow, increase efficiency, and solve problems. He also has over a decade of experience as a software consultant, trainer, and project manager. Since 2012 Jason has been an independent consultant and project management coach, helping other development shops improve their internal processes.

A Quick and Easy Approach to Implementing Barcodes

Jason will demonstrate how to implement a basic barcode generator into your FileMaker solution using the FREE EasyBarcode custom function from ClickWorks. After generating barcodes in your FileMaker application, Jason will demonstrate a technique to scan the barcodes using FileMaker Go and automatically use the scanned data to run a scripted process. These techniques do not require advanced FileMaker development skills and a sample file will be available.

Ten Elements of a Project

From over a decade of project management experience, Jason will discuss the ten elements of a FileMaker project that need to be considered for effective project management. Whether you’re an independent consultant, you work for a FileMaker development shop, or you’re an in-house FileMaker developer, you should understand and be able to articulate your process for handling each of these critical elements. You can use this talk as a starting point for a self-audit of your PM processes!


Did you miss the meeting? Check out the two recordings below to learn more about Ten Elements of Project Management and the FileMaker Barcode Creator Jason demoed. Additionally, you can download the Barcode Creator demo file here.


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