This Thursday, November 6th, 6-8 pm, Jeremiah Hammond, Tech Lead at DB Services, will present FMP URLs – How to take your FileMaker development to the next level. Jeremiah will demonstrate the power of FMP URLs and how you can use them to extend the capability of what your FileMaker solutions can do, especially with web viewers. He’ll walk through examples where FMP URLs are the only native way to accomplish a task, such as offline encryption in FileMaker Go.

Topics Include:

  • What’s an FMP URL and why it’s a tool that should be in every developer’s tool belt
  • The structure of FMP URLs
  • Unlocking the potential of web viewers, the Swiss army knife of hacks in the FM community
  • Demos such as clickable FMP URLs and offline encryption
  • And more

Register to attend the group Indiana FileMaker Developers Meetup!
Food and drinks will be provided by our sponsor, DB Services.

On Thursday, September 4th, 6-8 pm, Emory Brown Application Developer at DB Services will present, FileMaker Scripting Best Practices. Emory will delve into what differentiates a well-written script from a poorly considered one. He will look at the thought process behind certain scripting practices that both speed up development and increase flexibility of code. Topics to be covered include: why good commenting of code matters, how to error-trap effectively, and how to speed up testing by only allowing scripts to run in their intended context. We’ll close with a recap of the 2014 FileMaker Developer Conference.

Learn about the following

    • Coding in a readable way
    • Effective error-trapping
    • Good commenting
    • Ways to speed up testing

Register to attend on Indiana FileMaker Developers Meetup!
Food and drinks will be provided by our sponsor, DB Services.

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