On Thursday, April 7th, 6-8 pm, we welcome all the way from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jason Mundok to present some developer techniques along with his well known expertise in Project Management to the group.  Come out as this is surely one you want to attend.  We have a little development and project management to be presented in one session.

Jason Mundok has been a FileMaker developer / Project Manager since 2000, creating solutions for a wide variety of industries that improve workflow, increase efficiency, and solve problems. He also has over a decade of experience as a software consultant, trainer, and project manager. Since 2012 Jason has been an independent consultant and project management coach, helping other development shops improve their internal processes. In 2015, he co-founded Elusive Moose with FileMaker developer and coach, Molly Connolly. Elusive Moose is an online resource focused on helping consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs from various industries create and maintain a healthy work life.

Jason’s Related Record Selector for FileMaker

Jason will demonstrate how to implement a basic selector tool in your FileMaker solutions to easily assign related records, especially when the related table contains more records than can be easily displayed in a drop down menu. He has implemented this tool in a variety of solutions and will use it to demonstrate how you can pull together several recent FileMaker features to create an elegant solution to a common development problem. The selector tool uses all native FileMaker features and does not require advanced FileMaker development skills.

The selector utilizes the following FileMaker features:

  • Script Triggers
  • Popover
  • Slider
  • Portal Filter
  • Execute SQL

3 Keys to Being an Awesome Project Manager

From a decade of project management experience, Jason will discuss 3 keys to being an awesome project manager. Whether you’re an independent consultant, you work for a FileMaker development shop, or you’re an in-house FileMaker developer, you’ll be implement these suggestions into your process and improve your performance keeping your projects and the relationship with your customers strong and healthy.

Recordings and Sample Files of Meeting

Did you miss the meeting? No problem, we recorded the meeting and split it into 2 different recording, PLUS, we have Jason’s demo file for FileMaker Record Selector.

3 Attributes of an Awesome Project Manager

FileMaker Record Selector Video


Register to attend the group Indiana FileMaker Developers Meetup!
Food and drinks will be provided by our sponsor, DB Services.

Join us Thursday, February 5th at 6 pm as guest speaker Mark Richman, President of Skeleton Key, gives a presentation on The Art & Science of Gathering Requirements, Estimating Efforts & Closing a Deal.

Regardless of how you charge for your services, or whether you’re an in-house developer, sole proprietor or part of a larger team, at some point you need to:

  • Figure out what needs doing, and why.
  • Estimate what it will take to get it done, and by whom.
  • Negotiate with the buyer/decision-maker and come to an agreement.

Join us for an inside peek at how we do this at Skeleton Key, and an open discussion of what we think is working, how our process has evolved over time, and some of the wrong (and right) turns we’ve taken along the way.

The goal of this meeting to is share ideas and learn from one another, not preach or recommend a particular way to sell. Suffice to say, the way we do it now is based on a whole lot of errors and hard-won knowledge, and most of our best techniques have methods have been learned by similar discussions with colleagues, competitors and business development teams in entirely different industries.

View the recorded presentation.
The Art & Science of Gathering Requirements, Estimating Effort & Closing a Deal

Register to attend the group Indiana FileMaker Developers Meetup!
Food and drinks will be provided by our sponsor, DB Services.

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