On Thursday, April 5th, 6-8 pm, Michael Westendorf (https://dbservices.com/about/people/michael-westendorf/) Senior Technical Project Manager at DB Services, will present an updated version of FileMaker Scripting Best Practices.

Emory will delve into what differentiates a well-written script from a poorly considered one. He will look at the thought process behind certain scripting practices that both speed up development and increase flexibility of code.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Why good commenting of code matters
  • How to error-trap effectively
  • How to speed up testing by only allowing scripts to run in their intended context.

Learn about the following

  • Coding in a readable way
  • Effective error-trapping
  • Good commenting
  • Ways to speed up testing

On Thursday, January 4th, Jeremiah Hammond from DB Services presents, FileMaker Relational Design. This topic will be based on Module 2 “Data” from the FileMaker Training Series Advanced Book with real world examples.

Understanding how to use the relationship graph is fundamental for custom app development in FileMaker. Developers must understand both relational design—tables, keys, and how to use keys to relate tables—and context. The importance of context cannot be overstated: almost everything in a FileMaker app is evaluated in a context, including relationships in the relationship graph. To truly master FileMaker, developers must master context.

This session is geared toward developers new to the platform, and will loosely follow the Data module of the FileMaker Training Series with an emphasis on context.

Topics include:

-Understanding context, the key to the relationship graphIdentifying relationships and modeling relationships with keys
-ERDs vs the relationship graphWorking with complex relationships
-Evaluating graph methodologies and which put an emphasis on context

Did you miss the meeting? Check out the recording of the presentation below to learn more about FileMaker Relational Design.


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